10 How To Success Online Business And Get A Lot Of Customers

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How To Success Online Business – Online business is one type of business that is starting to be done a lot in the modern era like today. Besides being easy to do, this one business also does not require too much capital. Different if we do an offline business, the budget that must be prepared for capital is far greater. Starting from leasing places, materials, and so on. Conversely, if the business is run online, then the place is not needed and and when it works it can also be done anywhere.

Not only that, online businesses are considered to be able to provide greater benefits so that more people are interested in doing so. No matter the age of young and old, online businesses become one of the jobs that are beginning to be in demand. Especially with the support of increasingly sophisticated technological and internet developments that make this one business more effective to do.

But to be successful in the world of online business is not as easy as turning your palm, there will be many challenges that will be faced. Not to mention the level of competition that is getting tighter as many people are serious about developing their online business. Now the question is, can it build a business all from 0 to success and have lots of customers and big income?


The answer certainly can. In addition to perseverance in living it, some of these things should be done to achieve success in the online business world. What are they? Let’s look at some of the tips below so that you can achieve success in doing business online, getting lots of customers and earning big income.


Before starting specify, do you want to sell products or services? If you want to sell products, of course you have to know the needs and target consumers that you will target. For example, if women are targeted by consumers, it is certainly not possible if you sell men’s watches right? In addition, you as a colon seller also really need to know the latest trends so that what is sold must meet consumer needs.

What if you want to open a service? I think this must be adjusted to your expertise. Without the skill there is no way you can develop the business. For example, if you have the ability in terms of graphic design, then you can offer yourself to open a logo or banner creation service. Don’t get me wrong, even though this type of business is less attractive, it can have a high selling value if it is supported by qualified expertise from the service provider.


Price is one of the important factors that will succeed a business. Many of the businessmen whose merchandise is not sold because they have too high a price. Selling cheap is also not selling because it is considered that the goods offered are not of high quality. Wow, it’s so troublesome. So how to determine the price for a business?

Certainly between selling different goods and services. Need to do price research on the market. Do not let the price you offer is too much more expensive than the price in general. For example, other stores sell on average Rp. 45,000 but you sell Rp. 100,000, obviously consumers will think twice about buying it for you. As with services, there are things that make you able to provide high prices, namely the quality of the results of these services. Where there is a price, there is also quality!


By having your own website, it adds more value to the business you live in. Only promotion through social media alone is not enough to make potential customers believe in you. Unlike the case if you have your own website, of course they think your business is much more professional. If there are not enough funds to create and develop a website, at least temporarily create a blog first with the TLD domain.


Domain is a web address that will be accessed by your prospective buyers. For this reason, giving a domain name should be short, interesting, and easy to remember. In addition, buy a domain on a trusted site to avoid the possibility of fraud committed by the seller. Some sites that are recommended in this case include Bluehost, SiteGround and HostGator.


If you want to create a quality website, hosting or storage becomes something you must have. To look for it, certainly not difficult. Companies that sell domains are usually bundled with hosting. Other than that, buy a hosting package also should be tailored to the needs. If you sell a lot of products, it is necessary to have a large capacity hosting to accommodate all of these products. But otherwise, if you do not really sell many products simply use hosting with a small capacity.


In a business, an easy payment system becomes something important to have. In this case, I suggest using an account as a payment method. The reason is simple, the majority of Indonesians already have accounts. Then what about payment via credit? Indeed, it can be an option but for a professional business, the payment system using fixed accounts is a better choice. Also make sure the account name is your personal name, in the sense of not using someone else’s account even if it’s a family. Using an account in the name of a personal self can increase consumer confidence when they want to transfer money to the intended account.

In addition, if you also do online business for a wider range, you should also have a payment system globally that is by using PayPal or other popular online payment systems like Payoneer.


Besides selling through personal websites, the marketplace can be another best choice as your online selling place. Marketplace is a place to buy and sell products where sellers and buyers also meet on the same website. For the payment system, we know the term ‘joint account’. With so many sellers and buyers gathering in a place, it can increase your chances of being able to get consumers or buyers from the web marketplace. As for some trusted online store marketplaces in Indonesia, among them are Bukalapak, Tokopedia, Kaskus, OLX, and so on.


Affiliate is also a technique that online businesses do to help increase the amount of marketing for a product. How, you have to join first to become a member of certain affiliate programs. Of course, choose the free one to reduce expenses. From affiliate programs, pelluang can be created where you can use these facilities to sell services, services, or products of the online business that you offer.


In order for your business become known, promotion becomes compulsory. Promotion must also be done effectively and maximally. You should also know where and when to do the promotion. Do not let the ads or promotions offered actually make other people feel disturbed. In another sense, promote it fairly and don’t overdo it. Okay?


Business can fail only because of dishonesty. For example, you ship items to consumers that do not match the description of the item. Obviously this is very detrimental and threatens your success in running a business. Consumers can run and as a result the merchandise becomes lonely and does not sell anymore. For that, keep the trust of customers or consumers by being honest. Remember, honest is expensive and difficult to do, but can make business grow.

Those are some ways that can be done to reach success in the online business world. If you do those ten things, getting lots of customers is no longer like a difficult dream come true. Are you ready to do it?

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